Saturday, August 27, 2011

Which way will the Washington Monument fall?

G'day Everyone.

A thought just struck my mind tonight. I was talking with a friend on VP (videophone) about the Virginia quake that the entire East Coast experienced this week which left a lot of cracks in many places in our nation's capital. Even right on the George Washington Monument!!

As I was having the conversation with my friend on VP, I was suddenly suggested to look at the Google Earth!
You may have to do a search to find away how to down load google earth. It's really interesting. But be aware, it can take up a lot of memory!

Anyhow. I looked on Google Earth and I began to explore. Then I said to myself:" With Hurricane Irene hitting DC this weekend, what if the water and winds were enough to topple the George Washington Monument?"

If the Washington Monument (let me short cut this to WM) were to fall during this hurricane, which way should it fall down and what should it mean?
I came up with 4 situations in which way the GWM fell down:

What if the WM were to fall WEST--> Lincoln Memorial: I took a long think about this. I remember how I visited the Lincoln Memorial and relize when I look at Abraham Lincoln himself, I came to say this as if God was saying:

"Remember, Oh Nation, on faith that was founded upon my Word, The Holy Bible (KJV), that gave you the strength to build your country into a nation that has been blessed for more than 235 years. (or 391 years if you go by the founding of our nation upon the plymouth rock landing). Remember that I shall judge all mankind and all nations, even upon death."

I thought to myself.."Wow, that was deep!". But wait!

What if the WM were to fall NORTH--> White House: I *gasped* and realized that God would then be saying:

"President Obama, I have judged you and have found you wanting for what you have done to my people, Israel!! I shall bring NO peace upon your days and you shall be called to my Judgement seat!"
Remember, God said "I shall bless those(the nations/man) that bless thee (Israel), Curse those (the nations/man) that curse thee (Israel)." This is a very powerful statement.

I thought, things can't get worse here.. And then I said:

What if the WM were to fall EAST--> Capitol Hill! Congress itself! This one I said: Oh crap! This better not fall this way because I felt like God were to say: "I judge thee, Oh nation of America, for you have neither honored my people, nor my laws, nor respected thy own people! Yet you write laws that seek to replace me and my laws and expect to govern in your own way! Expect a rightous judgement upon they seat until thou repent! I will judge every state that is against me!".

Ok.. we gone 3 out of 4 falls here. Lincoln Memorial, White House, and Capitol Hill.. what's next. Then I did a BIG UH OH! I google mapped to the South and realized:

What if the WM were to fall SOUTH--> Jefferson Memorial and the Pentagon. I said I didn't like this one at all. To me, if the WM fell in this direction, God would be saying:

"Jefferson which helped write the laws of this nation and I am sworn to UPHOLD the laws that I have written in my book against this nation! Look to thy own selves for I have sent war upon thy country!".

I was kind of SHOCKED here. Should the Washington Monument fall during hurricane Irene? Or should it fall during another Quake in our nation?

To sum it all up: The U.S. National Park Service better brace up the Washington Monument so that it never falls! I realize that it's a big challenge to be asking, but after all the Washington Monument is a historical treasure for our nation and deserves to be preserved for all generations.

But if God is determine to topple the Washington Monument as He (GOD) sees fit, let us pray for the mercy of God would have upon our nation and it's people.

May God keep you safe during the storm of Irene.

Until next post, I'll clue you in!

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