Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

G'day Everyone.

Hurricane Irene may not come may way, but it's very possible it will wreak havoc and damage in DC and NYC.
So, here's a question of the day: Where do you put more than 2 million or billion people out of harm's way? That's going to be question of the ages. Especially for the entire island of Long Island, NY.

So let me give some advice to you, if you have to evacuate some where:
When a friend( best friend, long distance partner, or lover) offers to you and your family to evacuate to their home in a state far from the hurricane path, you had best take up on that offer. Because if you don't, things can get mighty difficult after the hurricane. Make sure you apologize, tell them you love them and honor them because they care about you.
If you don't go to your friend's home and wind up somewhere and eventually get hurt (and possible fatal), remember that you have only yourself to blame for that decision you made.

After Irene passes and after you check on your home and damages, do make a personal visit (and I mean in person! Not on line, not email, not VP, not web cam) to your friend ( best Friend, long distance partner, lover) home for a few days and do patch up / make up the relationship as the best you can because if you lose that person because of your decision to remain with your family or whatever it is, most likely when the next hurricane or natural disaster hits, you will not have an emergency place to stay or flee to.

Hurricane Irene has affected the LLWS too.

Even though most games are being played today, it's tomorrow that only the championship game is being played at noon. In other words: The U.S. Championship and International Championship games have just become another elimination game. Further more, California must be thinking: "oh crap, we defeat the keystone boys and just to face a elimination game with Montana? I rather wish I'm home already!" Meaning, they now wish they hadn't defeated the keystone boys.

As the hurricane churns up the coast, lives will be changed. Who knows what happens. Just pray for safety of everyone.

Till next post, if there's a nation left, I'll clue you in.

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