Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene leaves, clean up begins, LLWS to play

G'day everyone.

Hurricane Irene, excuse me, Tropical Storm Irene has now left the area, including NYC and DC. It leaves behind some destruction, but not as serious as the flooding issues are serious.

As the clean up begins, I just got an alert from the newspaper:

Little League World Series (LLWS) is determine to play the game at 3pm weather pending to finish out the whole season. But many of us in the Williamsport area are doing a big HO-HUM. What are the odds to see California or Japan climb their way back for another championship? If the crowds stay home due to the weather to watch on ABC-TV, LLWS might blame it on the weather. But the real blame goes on seeing repeat teams that show up every year.

When will LLWS get with the fact that repeat teams do NOT bring the revenue? It should be a *huge concern*. What if next year California faces Japan again? Will it be then LLWS realizes too late that it's been too obvious that it was set up by the umpires of favorite teams?

The facts are clear that favorites have happened. We had history in the making for the honored boys from Clinton County area last week. Until the clearly revenge minded boys California got fired up to destroy the keystone boys after their 1-0 loss to Montana. They went on baseball rampage with the boys from Montana yesterday by a score of 11-2. LLWS was lambasted over the rampage win by California.

Japan also had it's own rampage on Mexico as well.

There is cause for concern. Should California do another rampage today and win it all, LLWS ought to factor in some type of new rule when teams out slug or out pitch their rival teams. Japan could also try to do the intense level of the match in the way the boys from Montana tried.

So if you are like me and don't want to deal with the rain and weather today: Stay home and watch it on ABC-TV. As only those who support the teams will be there.

The boys from Clinton County are glad to be home. They have their fame. It's also a hope that another team from PA will pick up from this year's lessons. Truth is: 46 years is too long and LLWS ought to have at least ONE team from PA to be in the series every year. After all this is their home and their back yard.

So until next time and next year's LLWS, pray the weather forces the game into a RARE TIE where California will have to share the Championship with Japan. Hopefully that'll happen. Then again, maybe not!

Once more, our boys from Clinton County are the TRUE LLWS winners! Congrats boys and always!

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