Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sesame Street marriage?

G'day Everyone.

There's an "explosion" on the net. It reads as a petition to Sesame Street: Let Ernie and Bert be MARRIED! Gay marriage that is.

The funny thing is, according to Sesame Street itself, Ernie and Bert are "straight" guys.

Yes, over the years, these two characters have been straight and fun loving people that try to teach the young kids the facts of life on PBS KIDS. However, people can mistake them for being gay with each other.


So I want to say a few things out here in real life. Nobody needs to know what goes on in the home of men. Gay or not, people should keep their nose out of the house.

Nobody has the right to assume that two men, who live together for most of their lives, are gay.
Some homes of two men live very productive lives. One might be gay, one might straight, or both are gay.

Reality is, nobody should assume anything!!

So, what if Ernie and Bert are gay? What if they're not?

Please don't make any assumptions. Let these men live their lives privately. IF two men (or more) want to live together, then that's their choice. What they do personally in their homes belongs to them and God.

The same goes for a home full of women too.

Respect is a two way street. One last thing: if you ever rumor around people that two men, living together, are gay men and if they hear it, you can be assured that a lawyer will knock on your door and tell you this: "Stand up before a judge buddy for what you just said!".

Just remember, society has changed. We are no longer the same any more.

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