Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The People's mistake of Wisconsin!

Political opinion day
G"day Everyone.

The political fall out continues in Wisconsin where the Democrats hammered away at the GOP power and it has turned into another mistake that will COST the people their political lives.

The Democrat's attempts were clear: Win the Wisconsin senate by more than 3 seats (they won two), and then they'd have the power to impeach Gov. Walker. However, since they fell short into a 17 GOP - 16 Democrat, it has created the WORST political climate ever. It is clear that the voters, who voted in the recall election, have fallen to those requested the recall efforts.

It is now going to be tough days for Governor Walker to work with his Wisconsin Assembly and State Senate.

I predict that many of the losing Democrats will resort to force the recounts to happen to make sure the ballots were counted correctly.

So how bad is it in the Wisconsin political atmosphere? According to a friend of mine who lives there had this to say: " It is ten times WORSE than the debt ceiling debates/votes. " He goes on to rant that the very 17 democrats who fled the state should have been brought up in the recalls in fairness to their GOP counterparts.

Though the special recall election does bring about a more political turmoil ahead of the coming 2011 November elections, there is no doubt and very clear that Gov. Walker's days are not going to be any more easy. If nothing gets accomplished after this, The people who voted in this recall election will be the very ones to be blamed for this mess. The People's mistakes will be the last ones made and remembered.

Reminder: This is MY POLITICAL OPINION!!

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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