Friday, August 12, 2011

Phildelphia fights back against flash mobs!

G'day Everyone.

Teens, your summer is NOW over! For far too long have so many flash mobs that have put the fear into many people that live and work in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Philly had no choice but to fight back!


But some teens just don't get it. Some intend to defy it. Some say flash mobs are here to stay.
You know what? It could be soon that flash mobs could be declared an act of terrorism and it would give any city the power to declare martial law to put down the flash mobs.

Look at what happened in London, England! Flash mobs have roared across the country. Yet, The English government has been very patient. However with facial identification being used to arrest those riot people, they will find out who took part of the mob!

However, facial identification could be used against flash mobs here in USA too. In that being said, we are closer than ever to seeing flash mobs being declared as an act of home grown terrorism.

So what happens down the road? It could be the day that if a flash mob is formed for any reason at all, peaceful or not, police could start shooting first and ask questions later. It's getting to be that point. Not just in Philly, but in all cities.

As summer comes to it's near end soon, so does the beginning of school. I'm sorry to say that Philly had no choice but to push a curfew on it's young citizens. You can blame it on those who organized these flash mobs.

But you know what? There's a way you can prevent flash mobs: Don't take part in it. Call the police and tell who sent you the flash mob invite to join. The police will thank you for it. We can't take law breaking flash mobs destroy our society and our culture here in USA.

It's time that flash mobs come to an end. It's fun days are long gone past.

In England, they're destructive.

Let's hope respect and peace stay within our nation as we transition from our summer to our fall days.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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Jim said...

All those Flash mobs better
remember one thing, God is
watching and filming all what
they are doing for their Judgement
Day. They can all run and hide
from Court and the Police but
they can't hide from God. If any
of them are Christian or goes to
church on Sunday, I wonder what
made them think it is okay to join
or do Flash Mobs and stealing from
stores? Think if they were adult
and own the store, would they allow Flash Mobs to steal from them like they did when they were young? I don't think so. But for
those who did it, good luck on your Judgement Day, there is no way around the Commandment "Thou Shall Not Steal". Even if it is a candy bar, that is still stealing.