Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little League World Series Begins in Williamsport, PA

G'day Everyone!!

Finally, the World has come back to Williamsport, PA! Right now, the community is already on high alert for anything as the Little League Baseball Series begins. Police have stepped up traffic enforcement and for anyone traveling down on Route 15 with in the next 10 days, PLEASE KEEP YOUR FOOT OFF THE GAS PEDAL! DON'T EVEN USE YOUR CELL PHONE! DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TEXT WHILE DRIVING!

I'm warning really hard because the local and state police departments will crack down on the smallest driving infraction during the enforcement period during the Little League Baseball games. Yes, drivers can expect to pay huge fines this year.

Everyone that drives through Williamsport, PA on Route 15 has to have some extreme patience at all hours. Expect traffic on Route 15 will get delayed at times.

Today, it's going to be huge as a portion of Route 15 will be shut down for a while as a parade takes place from 4pm to 9pm (aprox).

It's the 65th Little League World Series. And don't forget, this year Little League World Series finally has (after a long wait) a Little League Pennsylvania Baseball team in the series!! Yes, everyone in Penn State hopes a hometown team will win the series this year. We may piss off the world but if it happens a team from PA wins it all, it would be the event of the year here.

It's going to be a huge 10 days in my home town. Don't forget, Little League World Series will on ESPN, ESPN-2 and on ABC-TV (championship game). If you do visit the area, let me, Sherlock Steve know and I'll give you a tour of the area.

Till next post, please drive carefully thru my area. Many thanks and Keystone, JUST HIT THAT HOMER!! WHOO!

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