Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The last two business days on Wall Street/ future of politics!

G'day everyone.

How much have you lost in stock in the last two business days? Financial services have been so busy lately, investors have panic on the stock market. Though other financial creditors have said that they are NOT going to follow standard and poor's downgrade, but the reaction has been bad enough and S&P have taken a sound political beating.

Even President Obama has been trying to calm the Nation in this wild economic times. But, the problem is, he doesn't seem like he's willing to get involved.

That brings us to an article on 2012. Mind you, not the movie (aaiiieee! catastrophic time! NOT!!). However, 2012 will start this fall. 2012 will be the MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL YEAR in our nation as it will set the tone for the rest of the century of our nation up to the year 2100 (if there is a year 2100).

look at this article: Link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/poll-suggests-2012-change-power-washington-131541841.html

Yes, across the United States there will changes in the political office. Even in Wisconsin too.

But now here's a bigger question: What will it take to get our country back to normal after the messes caused by President Bush and Obama? The future hangs in balance and the people must VOTE TRUTHFULLY! This fall, with the November 2011 election, 2012 begins and it will be a huge impact upon us all.

And now for the lighter side of the day:

We all heard of disaster stories of planes. Death on a plane by murderers, hi-jackers, and whatnot. We had different animals on the planes including SNAKES!! (yipes). Now.. coming from the theater of CNN:
yes, it's another horror story.. Bat on the plane!
Some joked it's the pre-view of BATMAN: the conclusion! (NOT!).

till next post, I clue you in and let the bat out of here!

later days!

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