Thursday, August 18, 2011

Could the NCAA be at an end?

G'day Everyone.

Suddenly, college Football games could be a thing of the past if this scandal hits really hard.
If you thought Stanford, USC, Auburn, and Ohio scandals were all bad. You thought wrong.

Welcome to 2011 College Football season.

and University of Miami has put NCAA in TROUBLE

Just before the College Football season has it's kick off.. this bomb has dropped! *boom!*

It's resounding across the college football world. How is every coach going to feel?

How many of them could put in their resignations before the season has started?

Before anything else happens, it's time that there was a need for some one to clean up the NCAA.

God help us.. If college football and the NCAA comes to an end, Professional football players had better be glad that they have a new collective bargaining agreement and their season has just started. But for how long for themselves?

That's a question that will have a lasting impact.

The NCAA needs to change. But at the same time, it should rip the University of Miami of all thier wins and pull the football team off the school property for ever. Yes, U of Miami has been known to be cheating forever. But, if there was a time for Miami to be expelled from college football, this is it.

There's no place for cheaters. It's either they play honest and sportsmanship football or don't playing at all.

Good-bye University of Miami! Let the door smack you hard on your way out! *BOOM!*

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