Monday, August 1, 2011

The last Congressional day of USA

G'day Everyone.

If you have enjoyed your last weekend of how USA financially, then we just have today.
In what remains of 12 ours (at the time of this posting), The United States Congress must act today or else, they will face the most intense POLITICAL firestorm that will never stop for years to come.

Last night, President Obama said this: "A Framework of a deal is done" as he said on LIVE TV.
Speaker of the House said "NO DEAL".

Already as most people have said that USA's creditability around the world is damaged goods. Which means, what sort of an influence will we have upon all nations? To be honest, we may not have ANY ability to be much of an influence.

As we are in 12 hours to go before 11:59pm EDT, Congress must approve a deal or we default.
The nation and the markets are watching Congress closely as they have ever been.

Stay tuned to CNN.
I will post any breaking news as an update on this post today.

Keep praying!

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