Monday, August 1, 2011

Breaking News: Congress votes!

Breaking News..

U.S. House of Representatives votes on debt bill at 6:50pm EDT.
There will be further breaking news and updates. tune into C-span.

UPDATE#1: U.S. House of Representatives has PASSED the Debt bill!
It is now being sent to the U. S. Senate to vote.

and g'damn.. the senate just said they WILL NOT VOTE tonight.
They want to vote TOMORROW. FOOLS!

UPDATE #2: U. S. Senate: Senator REID said that the debate on the
debt bill begins at 930am and a vote happens at NOON on August 2nd.

That's cutting too close to the deadline in my honest opinions!

U.S. Senate has become a SHIP OF FOOLS! USA is headed for DEFAULT!

Prepare to thank the U.S. Senate!

UPDATE #3: As USA prepares to sleep for the night, our nation must wonder
what is going on in the minds of the U.S. Senate? Will the Democratic controlled
Senate really shaft the house and the President of USA?
Will the nation of USA erupt in a fury of riots that could last through out 2011-
and 2012?

As I hate to say this: I hope the Senate will vote rightfully and justfully on the
Debt bill and send it RIGHT TO THE PRESIDENT'S Desk.

Many people are in prayer at this 11th hour of our economic life. If the Senate
decides to vote this bill down and kill it, there is no telling of what will happen.

Pray tonight. Tomorrow the debate starts 9:30am EDT and will VOTE at high noon
(or is that high hell shall come) (12:oopm).

Until then, stay tuned.

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