Saturday, July 30, 2011

USA prepares to meet it's fate of August 2nd.

G'day Everyone.

There is no question. The endless bickering and infighting among the political people have reached so high, it's very clear that Washington, DC has had a firestorm of a meltdown of it's own.

Whatever or not if you believe the Republicans, or the Democrats, or President Obama, that is your choice.

But, it's very clear that the solution is NOT going to happen.

Last Wednesday should have been the day that congress would propose a compromise and get to work in debates and vote by the house. Then by Thursday, the senate takes up the matter. When all is said and done, President Obama should be signing the new bill to help USA stave off it's financial problems.

However, it is quite clear that USA will go the way that Greece and many other nations have done: Let their nation down and economically fall apart under the weight of debts.

In other words, every political career person is already happy enough to know that they had a good political life. They're ready to face the political firestorm that will come. They're ready to face the riots, the demonstrations, and the political turmoil to come this fall in USA.

Obama knows this. He's been grandstanding and going against his own Democratic party. The Republicans have grandstanded once, but now are trying to reach out and help solve this mess.

But everyone knows that the game is over here in USA. There are no political winners. Plenty of losers.

Our nation will be in uncharted waters of the financial future in the coming days of life.

The fire bell has sounded so long since 2007 and is now pounded itself to bits. The water hose of the political fire department, sent by Bush and Obama, has long since dripped out. The firestorm is now blazing across the political landscape and will burn until it consumes everything until it's ashes.

By this fall, any current political person that comes back to their home state will either quit, resign, or get into a scandal to be forced out. They'll be seeking protection by the Secret Service and their local police dept.

Would anyone else want to get into politics? Not me. I have told my friends that I refuse to run for anything of a political office.

But those that replace the people who have made a mess of our economics, they're only going to become symbols of a failed Congress government of USA.

Now is the time we should pray to God to be prepared to meet the fate of August 2nd, 2011.

Now is the time we should begin to regret that our nation elected President Obama in 2008. The change that we had wanted is not the change we wanted to see.

Yes, we had anger at the republican party in 2008, But now our anger is in general at all political people.
WOE to those that bring down our country. Their own political life is NOT safe ever again.

Thank you, Obama and Congress, We have traded freedom for whatever we shall be.

God help us all.

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