Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2nd, Debt Day. AKA D-Day for the Senate

G'day Everyone.

A crowd of people is expected to hit the Nation's capital today as the U.S. Senate prepares to vote about the Debt Ceiling. The Battle Begins at 9:30am with the debate and has a 12 noon (high noon, 12:00pm) vote to happen. Turn your TV to C-SPAN2 today to watch the Senate live.

So what happens?

If the Senate accepts the bill as it is and passes it, the nation survives and reaches the President's desk where he'll immediately sign it. The Nation hums on with its way of life as usual.

IF the Senate were to C H O K E (choke), that is to say refuse to pass this bill that was passed in the U.S. House, it will immediately bring about a political firestorm for all involved. President Obama would have NO CHOICE, but to piss off Congress completely by invoking the 14th amendment and raising the debt ceiling himself. If Congress complains by trying to Impeach the President, Obama will respond with : "America gave you the chance to do YOUR JOB. YOU FAILED. YOUR JOB IS ALREADY ON THE LINE WITH VOTERS THIS FALL. I MUST DO MY JOB NOW!" and he will.

Let us hope the U. S. Senate will realize that their political lives are on the line today. Today is Debt Day. aka D-DAY for the U.S. Senate to realize once and for all that if they fail, no amount of words of consolation from their mouths will smooth over the rage of many Americans. If Every state were to vote to disband the union immediately today, I wouldn't be surprised. Our States are tired of DC playing games and not realize that everyone is suffering from the lack of jobs.

Today is D-Day. Let's remind the senate to DO THEIR JOB RIGHT or face their political lives in the Fall 2011 elections. They'd never be able to show their faces again. Especially Harry Reid!

and breaking news and updates will be posted today as usual.

Till then stand true and keep praying America!

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