Monday, July 18, 2011

various events going on.

G'day everyone:

If you can believe this LINK:

there's more than just Atlantis saying good-bye, the heat staying (broiling in many places! Please be careful), and Japan trying to brace against the weather that threaten their nuclear industry. Lately, Japan has little reason to celebrate despite winning the women's world cup soccer title. They beat the USA. So Japan apologize? Yes. They still depend on USA for assistance since the disaster happened. Japan should say something like "We're sorry that we are the better team today. Can we still be friends?". It would be a nice idea to keep relations between nations going.

Still the topic of the week is the debt reduction talks. With congress at firm odds with President Obama and inner party battles between many political people against each other, it's a question of just when will congress gets things done. If they don't, their next elections could doom their political future for every other candidate out there.

As we look to this week, we all need to watch things carefully. From the heat to a rousing welcome home Space Shuttle Atlantis on early Wednesday morning at about 7am. Tune in for that landing on your TV. It'll be worth to watch the last of space shuttle history.

Be careful in the heat this week. If you sweat, watch your hearing aid.

Until next post, have a great week.

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