Saturday, July 16, 2011

L.A. the only Carmaggeddon? That's a lie!

G'day Everyone!

Story of the weekend. Carmaggeddon takes over the L.A. Freeway! Some are saying "It's a Carpocalypse!".

I wanted to laugh at the stories on the like:

Truth is, L.A. will only suffer temporary during the construction season.

The fact is, it was really carmaggeddon and Carpocalypse when Boston's big dig happened. Actually it was really declared the tunnels of car hell in that area.

No, my readers and friends, L.A. is not the carpocalypse or Carmaggeddon unless you really have experienced on a daily basis of the traffic congestion in the major cities like, New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, and Chicago to name a few.

The traffic rush hours in the major and mid-size city are enough to drive any one crazy and it's why the auto insurance industry would rather raise your rates so high, you would have to think twice about driving your car to work.

Yes, I've seen construction speed kill zones. I've heard stories of construction workers being killed by drivers who want to hurry through the zone without being delayed.

Building new and larger roads doesn't mean it will be better for traffic. It just gives people a more reason to speed, to kill or be killed, cause life changing accidents that will NOT make things for the better. The danger increases more when people yap on cell phones or send out text messages. What's worse is teen drivers not paying attention more when they really should be!

For years, society has tried to encourage drivers to take advantage of public transportation systems like the bus, subways, and light rail. Even the short hop airlines too.

If you want to survive the daily carmaggeddon /Carpocalypse when you drive on the roads, do yourself a favor. Don't drive if you don't have to. Take the public transportation when you can. If you must drive, be well rested and PRAY! When you get behind the wheel, your life is already in your hands. Count on it. Try NOT to make a mistake. Be aware of the consequences.

May there be safe roads for you.

God help L.A. area. Just pray there won't be quake just like the one that happened years ago.

Until next post, I'll clue you in later.

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