Thursday, July 21, 2011

The final landing of atlantis, The heat, and debt.

G'day Everyone.

If you just woke up today or just got on the computer, chances are you spilled your coffee, ice water, or whatever what drink you had when you saw the news: Space Shuttle Atlantis came in on the final landing early this morning. LINK:

Some people have blasted NASA for landing in the darkness when people wanted to see the shuttle land in daylight. It does seem iconic to be landing in darkness as it's the end of the shuttle era. Right now, all future flights to the ISS are now going through Russia. At the same time, it's sad for many of NASA's workers being laid off after 30 years of working hard to keep the space shuttles going.

This weekend is going to be some the hottest on record across the east coast. I'm hope that many of my readers will be careful and stay hydrated as possible. Stay in the shade. This really isn't the best weekend for camping at all. For those who make a joke about frying an egg on a hot sidewalk, the same goes true if you fry one on a freshly paved road.

With nearly 11 days left in the debt crisis, It is clear that things will NOT get solved in Washington as many political people are trying to grand stand that they got the answer to the crisis. But it is a question of our nation: Is there any hope to resolution or do we watch the disaster happen?
It will be the most political, economical, and financial disaster on August 2nd at 12:01am when that day hits. Even President Obama may not be able to survive for a 2nd term at all.

But everyone is prepared for something to happen if congress doesn't get it's act together all. Because after August 1st, America and the world will head into uncharted waters that could change the future for all of us.

Every one should send one message to the President and Congress: SOLVE THE DEBT CRISIS TODAY! Not later, NOW!

Until next post, I'll clue you in later!

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