Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Employers against the disabled, long term unemployed

G'day Everyone:

Are you disabled and unemployed for a long time? I MEAN A LONG TIME? The chance of you getting a job would have to mean you have some EXTREME luck.
Two web pages should show you something of what to expect.



Employers are turning to more younger and more recently employed people than the long term and experienced employable people. They're not wanting to hire disabled people as well.

With the looming further problems in economics crisis, such as the debt defaulting, employers will be in extreme picky mode of choosing the best employable candidates who have been just laid off from a job.

This could come to a point some day that there may be many court battles for job applicants to fight against employers who discriminate them from employment. Remember, it is not just our references we have for employments, but what we post on social networks and our credit history. Would we be successful in taking employers to courts and proving discrimination? Only if we got smart lawyers on our side to take our cases.

The financial crisis our nation is going through could make the situation of the unemployment more worse than what it is today.

In a week from today, we will know if congress is going to help us or NOT. Keep watching and praying.
In the meantime, keep applying for the jobs, no matter what!

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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