Monday, July 25, 2011

The troubled days come to USA.

G'day Everyone.

USA has the next 2 days in which they MUST pass an agreement that must be posted ON-LINE about the debt situation by MONDAY or else.. things go to hell in a hand basket!

Here was Obama on TV tonight and what they said:

In other words, it's time to "blow up" and I mean rise up in anger and call, email, over nite, any way you can do it, to your Representative and senators who serve in congress and tell them these very words: "SHUT THE FUCK UP, SIT DOWN, WORK OUT A DEAL THAT HELPS OUR COUNTRY AND GET IT PASSED, SENT, AND SIGNED INTO LAW! OR ELSE, YOU CAN EXPECT TO LOSE THE NEXT ELECTION!".

That is the message we must ALL, and I mean ALL OF THE NATION, send to the entire congress: FIX FINANCIAL MATTERS NOW OR ELSE! There is really nothing else to do, but get it done. We all have had it.

Meanwhile: There is an article by the United Postal Service that is going to close some post offices to save money.


and for those who saw the players finally agree with the owners to end the NFL lock out, their timing in this mess really stinks!
Let me send this message to the players and owners:
4 months of a lock-out. 4 months of using lawyers to bicker out the details. And 4 months of a court battle (and remember, the court has to approve the damn lock out agreement). The result: It may be damn well too late for the NFL to see any money from the fans coming to the games.

What happens if our country has a financial melt down? Will any one come to the NFL games by paying the high priced tickets (includes food and programs also high priced)? Will any one watch the games on TV?
The answer to that if the financial meltdown happens: A BIG FUCKING NO!

Nobody would be coming to the NFL games if their financial situation would be in dire straits. The NFL and players had wasted too much time to hammer out a deal. They could be the big losers this year. 10 years of a contract that could mean no real profit for them? I pity the owners that sell their team and stadium at a fire sale deal.

Unless the NFL gets lucky if the Fed makes a deal, they'll breath a "whew!". But if no Federal gov't deal, they'll go.. "OMG.. we're too fucking late! There goes the seasons for ever!".

God help this nation. We need prayers more than ever now for all those in Public office! Keep praying, dear readers!

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

Update: Here's the website that will tell you HOW to contact those political idiots in Washington, DC!

Spread the word! Share the web link! Contact those political people and tell them, SOLVE the debt now!

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