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Marriage for all in NY now.

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Finally, in the State of New York, most people will not stop to recognize it so well. Those in the churches will be too busy to pray for their own lives to worry about it. Link:

Starting this Sunday, July 24, 2011, Gay Marriage is finally allowed to happen in New York State. Unless those who oppose Gay Marriage, will either take up a new court battle for themselves or file a new petition to put on a ballot to force a repeal of the law in New York State.
More states are considering gay marriage. But there's also political fights in time as well.

But you know, Relationships are for everyone who choose to be in them. It's their own personal life. It's their responsibility before God. But there are those, who pretend to be religious and clutch the bible as a prop, tend to destroy relationships and say "GOD MADE ME DO IT FOR YOUR SAKE!". Only then it's more of a criminal action of the whole matter when people destroy some one's relationship. It doesn't matter if it's a Gay, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Transgendered, or straight relationship. People have no business in preventing some one's own personal life from enjoyment unless you got the lawful backing to do it and I don't mean in bible matters.

There are those who have destroyed my happiness many years ago. The first was by a deaf pastor who suggested that my life would be happier if I had a deaf girlfriend than a hearing girlfriend. He convinced me of that. But like a fool I was to believe him, I never realized I was deprived of a life of a wonderful girl that God had blessed for me. Many more times of destruction of my relationships with in the ministry were done by those who were envy of me getting married to a deaf girl and the possibility that God could call me into the ministry. FOOLS! They have no idea of what God was doing with my life and for what reason. How much will be in the day of Judgement for them when they stand before God and they get pointed out their SIN of what they done, not only to me, but to many others as well? The only answer they can utter is: "I"m sorry but I was following the pastor's orders" will not be enough to save them.

Only if they had talked to me AND my girlfriend TOGETHER AND then asked us both (my girlfriend and I) to leave the ministry and get married in another church, things might have worked out better in life for everyone involved.

Marriage is for all people. No matter what sexual orientation you are. No matter what relationship you are in. If you live in a non-gay marriage state, it's better if you stay out of the person's or couple's personal life. If you want to argue about some one's personal life or their sexual preference, make it as a statement of opinion and then don't press the issue any more. It's more than likely that you could get arrested under the hate crimes law if you pressure a couple or a person, no matter what orientation they are, to break up. It is not your business. It is not a pastor's business either.

Jealousy or envy of many people could doom their personal life as well as their marriage forever in the matter of destroying someone else's own personal life. Like many of those, wh0 have done it (the destruction of some one's relationship), are still suffering in regrets of what they have done to many people, sorry doesn't even help to solve of what they done.

I do not wish to see more churches lose members or get into a court situation when some one is against some one else. Especially if a pastor gets fired for it. For those involved in that debate, or in the ethics of Bible Belief, it's more likely that they must sit down with thier lawyers and looking at legal options in thier lives. Nobody doesn't like to see it happen. But it's clear that if a church or ministry doesn't want a certain type of member or couple, it would be better if they just sat down, discussed things out privately, and then ask them kindly to leave with out fear of legal stuff.

Our society is changing. We need to respect everyone's personal life out there.
Because if we don't. Human respect won't mean a thing from here on out.

So, tomorrow many lives will be happy. others: Jealousy or envy will be on their minds as usual.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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