Friday, July 1, 2011

Reunion weekend and July 4th.

G'day Everyone!

Right now it's Friday. I'm getting ready to go to my high school class reunion after missing the last 15 years. I went to my 10th, but miss the last important 3. This year, it's our 30th and to me (and many of us), it seems a gathering of old people in the late 40s. But, it's also an opportunity to network with those classmates for job ideas as well. Greater question is: can any one be prepared for a class reunion, whatever it be High School or College?
Let me give you some suggestions:
1. Be yourself. Don't try to impress being someone else. Be truthful of who you are.
2. Be respectful of every one's change of life. We've all gone through changes since High School and College. Be mindful that we're different now.
3. Behave yourself. Put your best foot forward and keep your manner sharp.
4. Avoid the media. Any time that an event, like a high school or college reunion happens, be mindful. Find out who's handing the Public Relations for the event. Kindly referr the media directly to that person. If you get asked to comment on camera, just decline. If you say something, think before you speak. You do not want to regret it later when it airs.
5. Do not drink or over eat. Unless someone is driving you home, my suggestion is to avoid the alcohol use. Alcohol can get you in trouble and makes you say what you shouldn't say. Please don't drink and drive. Stick to sodas or Ice teas. Don't over eat.
6. Above all, stay calm at all possible. Everyone is nervous as it is.

So take an easy evening. If you feel uncomfortable about being there, you can always leave for a short time for a breath of fresh air. If you must leave completely, make sure there's no regrets.
Be mindful how you hand out your emails and phone numbers. Take good pictures.

Finally, enjoy yourself. That's my opinion of suggestions. For me, this reunion is going to be difficult as I'll be reconnecting with friends that I've missed in my life time.

As we come about this weekend, many people have taken this day off on Friday to make it a LONG 4 days of vacation. (Some will take Tuesday off to make it 5 days). As America celebrates her 235th anniversary, let's remember a few things:
1. Thank God for our Nation. Be thankful of the brave men and women who helped declare our independence from England. Be thankful for the brave men who fought for our country. Be respectful of England that respected our right to be independent of her.
2.Do not Drink and Drive. If you got someone to drive for you, give them your keys. You can't afford a police record of DUI and high car insurance rates.
3. Do not Cell phone use and drive. Don't bother to call on the cell phone while driving. Police will be watching you and believe me, they will have a picture of you on the cell phone before you see them. They pull you over for using your cell phone. Don't even to think of texting and driving your car either! Same thing will happen to you.
4. Forget aggressive driving. Stay respectful of the speed limits. Police will be watching everywhere as security will be high on the highways.
5. If you see a DUI check point, go through it. Do not try to avoid it. It will make matters worse. Have your license, insurance, and registration ready.
6. Of fireworks: Be mindful of the state of dry conditions in your area. Rather than firing off fireworks yourself, leave it to professionals who know what they are doing.

Above all, please have a Happy 4th of July!! God bless to all my readers!

Till next post, I'll clue you in..after the 4th of July!

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