Monday, July 4, 2011

Are MEGA churches dying?

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Hopefully, everyone has had a happy 4th of July! Unless you are reading the news lately.

It wasn't long before some talk among the Christian community that some day, some of the major mega churches would start to hurt financially in this state of economics. Some said it wouldn't happen and that people would find a way to support those churches in what ever it took to do.

It has become unfortunate that it has not happen and the state of decision has come to pass. Just the same in the life of Rev. Robert Schuller. Link:

Rev. Schuller no longer has control of his church that he founded. It's like board members realize that they have to cut costs and make some smart decisions. But it's also a failing real estate market if a church property can't be sold when they want to pay off their final debts. It's also that Robert Schuller isn't drawing in the crowd to hear him too.

A long time ago, when I used to be in the Bible Ministry, a very wise person once said this in class and I listened very closely:
"If you are a pastor of a church and your church grows too much large for it's own building, don't build bigger. Go and establish a sister church to continue to get the gospel out to the lost people in your community."

His message was this: Strive not for being a popular pastor. But strive being a responsible pastor for making sure the gospel is reached to everyone in the community.

That was the most important message that should be given to every person who wants to be a pastor and being responsible with the Word of God and reaching the people with Good News.

For Pastor Schuller, he should not see it as a loss of losing the church ministry that he founded, but to see it as God giving him retirement so that he could preach in a relaxed way with out being concerned for the burdens of the church ministry. Kind of like being a evangelist and making the trip out to where people are.

In the state of economics, it is possible that many mega churches are feeling under the pressure of finances as their church members deal with the lack of being able to provide their own family as well. Job loss hits everyone in the ministry. Pastors must make a wise decision about their ministry as finances decline. As the mega churches begins to fall, how much longer before large, medium, and small church ministries feel the financial pinch as well unless it has begun already.

Many of the mega church pastors were warned long ago to prepare for the coming financial crisis for their members. Some didn't believe that it would happen, but it has come to pass.

In this state of economics, it looks bad for the church ministry out there. Many churches will brag and say "It won't happen to us, Sherlock. We're strong and we got GOD on our side." I would say: Oh really? Is your financial future safe too? Maybe not!!

Economics hurt all people in all walks of life. Our nation is in trouble. If our former president and current president had done sound economics for our nation, we would not be at this point of our nation's future.

Pray, my friends, that our nation realizes that our future is at a financial cross roads. Especially when we talk about the debt ceiling. We must pray that God will give us wisdom for sound financial decisions in the future.

God help this nation. 235 and yet questionable future.

till next post, I'll clue you in!

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