Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Final Flight of Atlantis!

G'day Everyone.

Finally, after nearly a month since Space Shuttle Endeavour landed and Atlantis was moved to the launch pad at almost the same time, NASA has finally set the final launch date for the last space shuttle Atlantis. Link:

This year, it is the end of the Space Shuttle flight program. July 8, 2011, in which after 4 days of our independence day, this will be our biggest and grand finale fireworks display (No we're not going to have a disaster like challenger! Pray and knock on wood!), a lot of people will be watching the Shuttle Atlantis lift off from the launch pad for the last time.

NASA held a lottery for people to buy tickets for the right to be there a month ago. Sherlock is one of the UNLUCKY people not to get a ticket. But it would have been nice to be there in Florida to watch the shuttle flight live. But, like everyone else in the nation, if you got a computer and TV in one room, you can watch the lift-off from different angles.

Let us hope Space Shuttle Atlantis has a SMOOTH lift-off for it's final flight!

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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