Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terrorist strikes Olso, Norway / Debt problems.

G'day Everyone.

Grief, pain, and anger have taken over the nation of Norway after a terrorist struck in Olso, Norway. At the present, police have the terror suspect in custody. It may well be concerned that this person could be fast tracked to justice and it's eventual decision.

Why did this one man create a chaos in Olso, Norway? What was his decision to attack his own nation? Whatever his intentions were, his life is over as many people will be asking the court in Norway to deliver the sentence of death later, that is if Norway believes in the death penalty.

Meanwhile, In Washington, DC, there is mounting pressure among the political people as congress ends talks with the President Obama and considers making a decision on their own. The question is on the minds of everyone in this nation: when will the grandstanding and demands end and that the true solution to the political crisis of the nation's debt ceiling come to a solution?

This crisis is worse as the summer heat wave that has gripped entire nation. Almost nobody realizes what happens in Norway as this happens in our own back yard of Washington, DC. With nearly 9 days left in this nation, political parties better realize that their own political future hangs on by a very thin thread as voters will be watching to see who really comes out the best to guide this country. The person that leads congress will most certainly become the leading candidate for 2012 against President Obama. Even President Obama knows that his time for his 2nd term is already gone *POOF* as he does not realize it? There is no time for our nation's political leaders to make demands and promises.

Every political leader in Federal and State now knows that it's time to be leading to a decision of our nation's future or failure of our nation. A failure of our nation's debt decision will mean the nation's states will be left to defend their own decision whatever to stay united as a nation or consider as a breakaway.
Perhaps the southern states were right in the civil war days to divide the nation. But only someone, like Lincoln freed the slaves and by his death, pulled the nation back as a whole.
If someone, like President Obama, were to cause our nation to once again to consider a dissolution as a country, it could be permanent this time.

Whatever happens by August 2nd, we all must face to see what happens to our country. We could be watching a wild stock market for the next 5 days next week starting Monday.
For the next 9 days, I ask you to join me in prayer for our nation's political leaders. Our country is in financial danger. Pray, my readers, that God knocks some common sense in to our nation's leaders before it's too late.

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

Today's post is in honor of many people who suffered in the terror attacks in Norway.

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