Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Last Flight of Atlantis!

G'day Everyone!

The last flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis. I missed the live blast off.. but here:

Like many of the thousands of people, watching an adventure of a lifetime happen for one last time.
For many, it was a packed emotional day for people living in Florida.
As the shuttle begins it's journey after lift off for the International Space Station, NASA and the country now turn to decision of the coming future of science and the next plans for space.
Problem is that our country has nothing beyond the day of the shuttle programs. Nothing is in place after the final landing is complete.

How stupid our nation is. Why has our nation not planned for the future of space flight? With our nation's budget problems, we may never fly again until our nation gets its economic issues back to normal again. But will it happen in our life time? Only our President knows for sure. But his term is just one and that the next President of USA will have a better chance of helping USA.

Today's post is a Salute to SOUTH SUDAN that just became a nation! Congratulations South Sudan!

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