Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Copy-cat of Lorna Bobbit strikes again!

G'day Everyone.

Who can forget the famous crime that happened in Manassas, VA? Lorna Bobbit took a very sharp knife and cut off her soon to be ex-husband's PENIS! Yes, she was fortunate to throw it away, but it was recovered and re-attached. Lorna Bobbit didn't get a long prison sentence. But she's laying low from the law and the death threats in her life as long as she can. But she should speak out against those that would follow her idea that would deny her ex-husband any more pleasures in life.


Another woman decided to follow the path of Lorna Bobbit. But this time, she made it more difficult for herself. She cut off the Penis completely and destroyed it. According to some friends in California, the victim is currently in a life support crisis.

Seriously to say, if he dies, this woman could face more serious charges. Including the possible death penalty despite that it's being phased out.

So today I need to send a message to every women out there: Respect your former husband, please! No matter how bad or evil he could be to you, cutting off his penis is the last thing you should consider. WHY? Not only it destroys his life, it also destroys yours completely. So please, let the courts handle the divorce. If you show respect to your soon-to-be ex-husband, he will thank you and bless you for it.
I hope every woman doesn't consider what this lady and what Lorna bobbit did.
I hope that it doesn't even happen in the gay community too.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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Deaf Pixie said...

Today it wont be the same as Loretta Bobbitt.. Domestic Violence is one reason during one of spouse do abused and her future divorced husband might one reason sudden blew up or instantly behavior turn looking bad. it is not common for cutting the penis to re-attachment is costly his life. he might one reason fault?