Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Would the Weiner Scandal end the Obama Presidency?

G'day Everyone.

The Democratic party members are concerned right now. When the Weiner scandal broke open, the Democrats first circled the wagons around him.
Then they pulled the safety net away from him and called for him to do the right thing: RESIGN from Congress and Resign from being a democrat.

But Anthony Weiner refuses. As he heads for whatever what "treatment" he is getting for whatever he is suffering from, he flatly refuses to quit his job.

There fore, the Democrats may have to take stronger steps to either isolate Anthony Weiner in his job or set up a more humane punishment for him.


The concerns are there. The Fall 2011 political season is already under way. GOP has already had their debate to select who'll be the next person to be the candidate to be President of USA.

But the Weiner scandal could be the very one that could end Obama's 2nd term and the democratic power in Washington, DC. If Weiner's scandal does do this, Weiner should wish he had quit sooner.

In all likehood of things, Weiner ought to resign from Congress to prevent liabilities of his future employment hopes.

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