Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisconsin Anti-union law survives court challenge

G'day everyone.

After many weeks of political battle, Gov. Walker's anti-union law has survived a court challenge and is now the law of the State of Wisconsin. Link:

While the law was delayed, many unions raced to put new bargaining agreements in place for the next few years quickly as they could before the law finally became effect. But when the Wisconsin State Supreme Court finally ruled that the anti-union law was constitutional for the State of Wisconsin, the anti-union law people became angry.

They reacted and said "now we'll take the political fight to the people that supported this law". Which means, they're going to try to unseat a lot of people that passed this law this year. Just how much of a political battle will happen this fall in Wisconsin?

The truth is: They could fail. A lot of local, State, and Federal Governments are riding on the wave of ANTI-Unionism because a lot of budgets are in trouble. For years, the unions were warned to tone down what they wanted from the governments, but their greed is out of control. Now, they are paying the price.

More states could soon follow what Wisconsin has done: Setting up anti-union laws. Unless Obama wants to protect his precious unions that support him, he may have to make a very careful decision.

Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker. He did what he had to do. Even if it's unpopular. These are tough economic times. I hope he wins a 2nd term!

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