Monday, June 13, 2011


G'day Everyone.

Just as everyone would expect. Would God respond at Harold Camping, the false prophet of Family Radio?

After may 21, 2011 came and went, Harold Camping breathed his LAST prediction. If there's one thing that old man should have realized, he should have PRAYED before he made *THAT* "prediction".

Well, as much as it says here:
and here:

It's clear that GOD has STRUCK HARD at Harold Camping, yet leaving him alive as proof that God exists and judges people.

Yes, it can be explained away by doctors and science, but you know.. God did strike!! He left Harold alive but took his voice away. Possible for good till he dies.

Harold Camping ought to feel his punishment for disrespecting the Bible because it's very clear. God is in control, not mankind.

Hopefully, every Christian will realize this and turn back to God himself and serve Christ as a risen savior, NOT Harold Camping.

I say, Praise God for what God has done. If Harold can't use his voice any more then give glory to God and FEAR God!

Hopefully, by now everyone will realize that Harold is indeed a sick old man.

Thank you , Lord. Live for ever, amen!

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