Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Resigns, Vancover Riots.

G'day Everyone.

Today is a dark day for many things.

First, let's go Political. Finally, the democrats are going to get their wish. Representative Anthony Weiner will resign from his political office. Link:

Keep an eye on CNN. Everyone is watching to see his formal announcement which may come at any time. New York will have to hold a special election to replace him.

Update: In a very brief news conference, just after 2:30pm EDT, Weiner has formally resigned. NY State is now poised to hold a Special Election to replace him.

Second: In hockey sports last night, the Stanley Cup was played in Vancouver. Unfortunately, it gave Boston and the National Hockey League (NHL) a huge black eye after the game. Link:

Boston ought to hang their heads in shame. This was NOT a good end to the hockey season. Should their be a parade for Boston Bruins? NO. It would add insult to injury to already a sad hockey season.

For Vancouver, they're going to be searching how a 2 game lead could vanish into a 4 game loss. I would be surprised if they fire their coach and his assistants.

For Boston Bruins themselves, I hope they learn a lesson: let the other team win and bring the game BACK to their home town. Boston will also have to reflect on how they handled themselves this season. I don't think they were the better team at all. They were just the Boston Thugs going after the Stanley Cup and got it one way or another. So when it comes to next the next season, let's hope the hockey teams will punish Boston Bruins really hard.

Last, but wondering about human nature is this: Link:
Now, it's very silly, but it puts the water authority into a question of their thinking: Who puts finished fresh water into a reservoir holding area that is in an open air? That's the question of the day. Even though the reservoir is "guarded", there is nothing to prevent animals that pee and shit into the water, including man kind as well. And yet, this is water human beings drink of?
Portland may want to re-think how they store their finished water. They should have simply re-cleaned their water rather than draining it all. Waste of taxpayer money.

I could argue a lot more on the issue of water stuff, but that'll be another post one day because it's a major topic to say. But this is something for my readers to think of today.

Till next post, I hope you'll have a great week!

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