Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Church Welcomes WBC at it's own protest.

G'day Everyone.

Some defense by a church that has been targeted by Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). If you don't believe me, Link:

I do not get how a church can defend themselves by welcoming the enemy: WBC into their area. But you know, dangerous as public confrontations goes, that church better have law enforcement and their lawyers ready. WBC is the most dangerous and most daminated Baptist church ever in the the history of all Baptist Churches. Remember Jeremiah 23:1,2 for soon, judgement from God, just like the one that struck Harold Camping, shall soon hit WBC and it's members.
All churches should be aware and reject WBC because they are definitely no longer christian, no longer Baptist, and no longer holding up the Word of God as the final authority. God shall judge them. What they do unto mankind, they get double punishment at the judgement seat of God in eternity of hell.

There is no more mercy for WBC because it's run out. God's time for patience is OVER! Prepare yourselves, WBC people. Your time shall come to stand before God!

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