Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shocking news on Yehs!

G'day Everyone.

I just surfed into DeafRead.com and a blog writer just said this:

If this is true about the State of Maryland dropping all the charges against the Yehs while leaving the Federal charges in place, The Yehs could be looking at LESS PRISON time.

I'm asking a blogger and another source is this information is correct info. IF so, it would be a surprise move by Maryland and one that could upset the Federal prosecutors.

More news to follow as I find out.

Update: My sources have verified that the news about the Yehs being let out of jail is accurate. They are still facing the Federal charges. They Yehs are not in the clear yet.

But one thing is clear: The Federal government is not in a happy mood that the Yehs are being released off the charges from Maryland. Anything could happen right now with the Federal government. So stay watchful.

Update #2: a blogger has updated his info on his site about the Yehs:

In this, it's clear that the Yehs have made a plea agreement that may involve NO prison time. That could be questionable as the word about the upcoming sentencing on the Yehs gets out more. There are many people who expect to see the Yehs get sentenced to prison time because Fraud on the Federal government is like nailing people to the wall permanently.

But the question is: Will the sentence on the Yehs clear up the matter of dishonor that the Yehs have caused upon the deaf community and Gallaudet University? Think about that.

I hope the judge considers things VERY CAREFULLY before he makes a decision that impacts everyone.


John Egbert said...

Deaf Sherlock,
Deaf babies need more help with Deaf bloggers like yourself rather than into the gossip type about the Yehs.

Your gossip talent is not helping the Deaf education of the Deaf babies and children in schools that has been going on for too long.

Thank you,
John Egbert

Sherlock Steve said...

John, if you want exposure for the Deaf education of Deaf babies and children in school, then shoot me an article that I can get verified with my sources.
The blogger that I just found and put through my sources has been verified as accurate.