Monday, June 20, 2011

If you buy a home, don't look underground!

G'day Everyone.

Here's a shocking story of a life time. Link:

Let me tell you something. Landfills are good for keeping trash away for good. But you know what? When a landfill is full and capped, it's sometimes turned into a housing unit area on top of it!

I know one area in my former hometown I lived in the Rochester, NY area. But for legal concerns, I'm not disclosing it's location. I do know that certain area was a massive land fill long ago. Then it was capped. Then a apartment complex was built RIGHT OVER IT! To this day, people have a lot of problems living there, from the rats to major health problems.

If you are going to buy a home, you better make sure it's a neighborhood that's been established for a long time, like 50 years. A place that has a garbage down under, it's like unearthing major problems in which some one's going to be asking a lot of questions of just how it got there!

So, when you buy a home, dig in several spots down to make sure it's not sitting on a landfill or something worse (like a nuclear storage spot). This is something that we all don't need to fear of owning a home.

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