Sunday, June 26, 2011

Knoebels Deaf Day, NYS's Gay Marriage, and etc.

G'day Everyone.

I'm catching up on stuff after going through some internal family drama. I won't bore you with that crap, but just so that you know what's happening.

Meanwhile, my big apologies to many of my readers in the State of PA. Yesterday, Knoebels Amusement Park (ELYSBURG, PA) had a Deaf Awareness Day at the park. One the best ways that got the word out about the event was through (if you are not a member of, get on it. But you'd also have to add as a like page to get the announcements). So it's my fault that I didn't post about this.

However, just the same, the Deaf community showed up for an enjoyable day. Interpreters were provided through Bloomsburg University students. These were a great people who enjoyed a volunteering day of performing on stages and did a fantastic job! BIG CHEERS for the Bloomsburg University students!! They deserve a round of honor applause! (I promised you guys that I'd mention you all here! I keep my word!).

It was great to meet many deaf people and talk with them. Of the interpreters, I learned a great deal about themselves and enjoyed a lot of conversation. It was a very relaxing day for me.

The other night, New York State became the next state in the USA to pass Gay Marriage!! Link:
One of my friends said "Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed this Gay Marriage, what will Former Gov. Mario Cuomo, his father, will say about this?". Every interesting indeed if there will be a reaction out of former Gov. Mario Cuomo. But I think the elder Cuomo will keep his mouth shut because he has in the past made many enemies among the gay community. This is his son's political time. It could give Gov. Andrew Cuomo a 2nd term in the future at this point.

But for those who opposed the Gay Marriage law are, as I believe, will intend to fight and take it to court next to try to get the law declared as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. See what happens down the road.

An interesting note should be said for the deaf community in Switzerland.
My good friend, Paul Ealy, has found this article in which the deaf community there are seeking JUSTICE after being bullied for more than 100 years!!
This article is very important to read and support the deaf community there. NO nation has the right to abuse the deaf in the way that Switzerland did. Salute to Paul Ealy for finding this article.

Another info that I am just learning: John Yeh has been released from jail. The information is being reported by two bloggers:

Be aware that Mr. Yeh still must face the federal prosecution and stand to being sentenced before a Federal judge. How the Dept of Justice reacts to most of the charges being dropped in the Maryland state is going be very interesting to watch. Keep posted.

As summer is on right now, many people are enjoying their days off. Vacation time for most people (whatever it's from job or college), it doesn't mean a whole lot of fun for the unemployed. Yes, Summer time can be depressing for people who are still trying to gain employment out there.

In a serious tone, President Obama is soon going to have to confront the nation with his ideas and plans to put many of unemployed nation back to work. This has been put off too long by President Obama since the day the country crashed Economically in 2008. President Obama has only one chance to win a 2nd term and that is how to motivate many employers and businesses to put the nation back to work. Many of the Presidential candidates are already starting to prepare speeches that will send out ideas to the voters that they know how to bring our nation back together Economically. With November election 5 months away, anything can really happen. So, Mr. President Obama, are you listening? It's now or never or politically fall as a ONE TERM President.

Anyhow, as we head into this week and prepping our middle of the summer celebration: July 4th which will happen not this Monday (tomorrow) but NEXT MONDAY. Some people will be taking off Thursday and Friday for a LONG weekend vacation from work. (if you are that fortunate, remember to THANK GOD).
This year, we will celebrate the 235th anniversary as a nation's independence day.

If I don't post this week, please have a great and Safe 4th of July!

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

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