Thursday, June 9, 2011

Think back past 33 years of my life.

G'day Everyone.

33 years. It's a nice round number. ALMOST. The reason why I post this number? It tells you how my life of my young adult years up to this point has been.

The 33 years ago, I felt like I may have been a smart ass, but I did feel a lot woefully unprepared for the changes that would come at the completion of my high school. Even though I felt safe and secure in my family's home, nobody could tell you that world would be that bad out there beyond home and beyond the neighborhood of friends and beyond high school.

Once high school finished, all the friends that I had known vanished without warning. That was the first of many changes I had to endure of. It was the unexpected prepare for. Yet, that is how life tells you who your real friends are. There's bound to be some faithful friends willing to become your life long companion with you.

When I hit my first college days, I had the rough transitions of which would put me in the deaf culture world and challenge me to find the gaps between the hearing world and the deaf world. It meant finding a balance in my life. Some times I find it. Some times I don't.

When I graduated from the college/university I attended to, I still felt woefully unprepared.

The more important thing in life is your faith. Depending on your life and your family's life, you look at how strong your faith is and if it can stand up to life's challenges. Yes, people do change their faith in life.

But in a church ministry (hearing or deaf) nobody in that ministry, not even the pastor, should tell you how you should live your life. Not even going behind your back to destroy your relationships you have (whatever they be straight , bi, or gay). It's not their right, nor a church member's right.

Some think they got the right idea to do things to people in a criminal action. I've seen my relationships destroyed. I've seen my rented homes destroyed. I had to opt out of going to church for the fear of any more disasters from these pastors and church members. Some how, that's caused me to take a closer walk with God at times.

I had some good jobs, good bosses, and good co-workers. I had some bad/toxic jobs, bad bosses, and evil co-workers. I wouldn't wish bad things to many people in this life. Even in the state of the Economic times we have at the present as well.

I've had some dreams fulfilled in my life. I've had some great personal relationships with people out there. I've still got a long bucket list of things that I need to do in my life.

But you know, after 33 years, I still feel unprepared for how bad this world is. Some people are evil out there.
Some of us are a lawsuit society to inflict the personal pain upon other through the court systems.

There's been a number of times that I wish I was wise enough to grab a lawyer and do what needs to be done to stop these evil people in my life.
But you know, when I don't do that, I think of the greatest court in the universe is going to take care of it. God's court. When people fall into this court, they're going to wish I either picked up a lawyer and did the court on earth, or they're going to wish they treated me nicely and respectfully.

Now, as I feel nearing the end of my life some day (hopefully, some 3 decades more or so), I still feel unprepared for this life since 9/11 changed our lives drastically? What about 9/11/11? Will something more change it on that day?

Prayerfully not. I feel like that the world has been bad as it's ever been.

As I look back at the years down the road, would I wish school and my family prepared me more to face the challenges in this life rather making things so easy for me? YES! A thousand times yes.

So to the classes of 2011, there's nothing more than I ask of you this:
Expect the unexpected.
Learn from your mistakes.
Trust those who are your true friends.
Carefully watch those who are NOT your true friends.
Document crimes that happen to you and don't be afraid call the police and lawyer for it. Evil people need punishment.
Take care of your health,body, home, and relationships.
Don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.
Keep an updated bucket list and check it off.
Remember, death happens at any time so keep your wills updated.
Have fun and enjoy life.
Now and then, do a unspoken good deed unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Most of all, Keep the faith and pray to God for his guidance.

May your lives and experiences be richer and rewarding to you than all the other classes that have graduated before you.

May God bless your lives. Amen.

till next post, I'll clue you in.

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