Friday, May 20, 2011

Would you pray for the soul of OBL?

G'day Everyone.

Bear with me as I'm sick but I'm trying to keep my mind sharp as I can do this. So if I mess up, forgive me!

There's controversy right now in the catholic church and it's not about abortion, sexual abuse, or any other scandal.

It's a prayer request for OSAMA BIN LADEN

Did you just drop your jaw? It's true. Even I as a former catholic went to this site to see what's going on:

I'm pretty sure that priest that pastors this church in Florida will be taking flack from not only his congregation, but from the higher ups in the Catholic church.

I can understand that many people want to be sure that OBL roasts in hell for eternity. But to think that to pray for OBL's soul to be in purgatory and then heaven? UNTHINKABLE! (Unless you believe this catholic teaching).

Since the day that OBL was shot and killed, I personally believe he's in hell. The catholic church can pray all they want to for God to forgive him and allow him to enter into heaven.

But God is absolute. If OBL's name is NOT in the BOOK OF LIFE, then OBL has NO WAY of getting into Heaven.

I would most certainly tell that man, who put in the prayer request, that his heart is in the right place for us to forgive the man who's killed millions of people across the world.

But, we can't change God to ask the most evil person in to Heaven. You see, Christ died on the cross to save mankind. Mankind must believe in Christ as a savior in order to keep their name in the Book of Life in order to go to Heaven.

But, OBL believed in his own form of Muslim Jihad and killed too many people. He may think he went to paradise. He hasn't. He's awaiting for the day of JUDGEMENT at the Great White Throne before King Jesus. All of the books will be opened to show OBL for what he is and when the last book, The Book of Life, is open to look for OBL's name, his name will NOT be there. When it's confirmed, he will be dropped into the Lake of FIRE for eternity.

God knows what he's doing. No church or pope can control God or Jesus. God's judgement is absolute.

Let us focus here on the living in this world where we can do the most good of our prayers. OBL is gone into eternity already and there's nothing we can do to change his course of action.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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