Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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People are concerned out there. Even at the pump, they're more concerned than before. They said you should look at the link! LINK:

This is some of the political shades that former Governor of NY Mario Cuomo used long ago while he kept taxing drivers much more by raising the gas taxes in an effort to close the state budget of New York. Has it worked? HELL NO!

Right now, we are all concerned out there. Any time there's a talk of NEW TAXES, it stirs up NEW VOTER revolt. Even right now, there was an election yesterday and some of the states have replaced their local officials with new people. A good idea? Maybe.

But, you have to admit that the driving tax is one thing our senators are punting around in congress. Think of the immediate economic impact: How many people will jump on to the bus, commuter trains, subways, and planes? That depends on how high the fares are. Car rental agencies would go out of business due to the driving tax. Taxi cabs would see less business if people prefer to walk or rent bicycles if they can.

The driving tax would also hit the State of Pennsylvania hard because now the state is, once more, considering of putting toll booths on Interstate-80. That could wreak major economic havoc across the nation because I-80 starts in NYC and goes through NJ and through PA which leads out to the mid-west through Ohio. Tolls and the driving tax would drive more people away from PA.

I wish our State and Senators in Congress would be very careful of what they consider to tax in an effort to raise money. However, it's them that have put our nation into this dangerous point of our lives. The debit ceiling has been reached and nothing more can be done unless they vote to raise the ceiling.

Maybe right now senators in Congress ought to realize that the years of spending on lavish things are finally catching up to them.

If that's the major fact, then that's what we've finally reached. If our nation economically falls, those same senators better run for the nearest plane and hope the new host country will protect them from being turned over to our nation's court systems.

It's time for our nation to get it's act together. A driving tax is a bad idea. It's time to tell those political people in congress that they were elected to work together to solve our nation's problems, not add to them. If they don't listen, vote them out.

till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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