Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of Harold Camping's career again!

The infamous Christian Broadcaster, HAROLD CAMPING, has been wrong again! Nothing happened on Saturday, May 21, 2011!!

As you are reading this, you are obviously aware that the so-called "DAY OF JUDGEMENT" didn't happen and the earth is STILL HERE.

At this point, I'm one of the many bloggers out there that are calling on Family Radio to inform that Harold Camping MUST STEP DOWN from his position as a preacher. Harold Camping must because he is in TRUE trouble with God himself.
Which means, God could call Harold camping home any time now.

Harold camping should feel fortunate. Had we been living in the old testament days, we would all have brought him out of his home or church and stoned him as according to the Law of God in the old testament. But while we are in the new testament age of Grace, Harold will most likely live a short life for a bit longer and then DIE to be called home to God's judgement seat!

Let's face it folks. NO MAN can tell you when Christ will come back and then judge this world.

It will happen any time. Not on Harold camping's, mine, or your say so! God already has a date down and no man knows it.

So God will tell Harold Camping this: In Donald Trump style "Harold Camping, you are literally going to be FIRED! IN HELL!"

Amen, LORD!
Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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Jim said...

I found one blog that talks about Who is Henry Camping and his failed prediction both in 1994 and recently:

So what does it take for Henry
Camping to stop making prediction?
Nothing in my opinion because he
thinks he knows the answer from his intepretation of the Bible.
He already knows from the First prediction, "nobody knows when Jesue will come", so he sounds like he is looking for attention and he has it. Until he resigns, quit or stop making prediction he won't stop even if he is wrong in October.