Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be careful this holiday weekend.

G'day Everyone.

Happy Memorial day weekend to everyone. But, while it is a joyous weekend, it is a time to remember our fallen military people who gave their life for our Nation. God has given us many brave men and women who choose to give up their final teen years and their early young adulthood to become defenders of our nation. This is important for our young people. They choose to defend our nation. Most of them do die a painful death in a way we all don't think of happening.
Westboro Baptist Church(WBC) must not be allowed to disrupt our holiday or our funerals with their ignorant words and ways. We will defend our service people who died an honorable death. Frustrate and sue WBC, we must! They may have the right of free speech to protest. But we have a greater right to counter protest and prevent WBC from protesting in any town in this Nation. We will make them feel unwelcome in every area.

Just as much as a Virginia Dept of Veterans Affairs thinks to block the name of "Jesus Christ" in prayer, (link:, the judge prevented that from happening. Even if we were to pray for all religious faiths, our Nation must remember one thing: We founded our Nation in the belief of the Word of God, the Bible. NOT different faiths. We welcome all faiths to this Nation, yes. Even those in the military services. But, our prayer must end "In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray, AMEN!". That is given honor to those who put their faith in the Word of God as part of our Nation's history.

As it is memorial day weekend, take time to thank our living military people for their willing service to defend our Nation: USA! Take time to go to Church and Thank God for the people He has given to us in our Nation's service.

Most of all, please be careful this year. If you plan to take a vacation trip this year, make sure your mail is put on hold. Your newspapers are held for you. Secure your house well. Ask your neighbors to watch your home for you. Leave a number where you can be reached at. Take care in driving. Don't use the cell phone or text someone while you drive. Pull off the road if you need to make a call or text. Police will be out in force again this year. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! You can't afford a DUI charge.

One word of warning: Keep a weather eye to the sky at times possible. The way the storms have been acting lately are very strong. In my hometown, we just lucked out. A possible tornado hit north of our county. It was a bad thing to see. God help us.

Please be careful this holiday weekend.

God bless to all my readers. Safe Travels to each of you.
Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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