Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pastors who hide their sins from Justice

G'day Everyone.

I am sad for many pastors out there. When they get accused of doing something shamefully, like a sexual relationship with someone, they come out and say "I'll fight the charges! God will vindicate me in court!".
Just Pastor Eddie Long said recently. Just like Swaggart, Bakker and Haggard said of the same thing.
Except in the end, they pay off the victim to keep them quiet. Just look at Pastor Eddie Long: Link:

Is it "Justice" for the perp pastor to pay off his victims to buy their silence? Is it justice for the victim to accept the money and go from victim of the crime to the supporter of the perp pastor? Why should it be allowed for the pastor to continue his stance of office of the Pastor?

I have personally watched 3 pastors in my life fall to the ground on charges of sexual abuse of a person in a church ministry. Yet, rather than heading to fight it legally out in court, they pay their victims MONEY to buy their silence. Pastors think as long as nobody else will know what happened, they and the victims will go on with their life. Pastors being pastors and victims being granted offices in church or support to go to a bible college.

In truth, there is NO justice. Just don't forget: God sees it all and God remembers it all. God will render the PERFECT judgement! Jeremiah 23:1,2 and 1 Peter 4:17.

Pastor (and priests of the Catholic church), how would you feel in the Day of God's Judgement at the Great White Throne? How would it feel to you when the books are opened and all your secrets spill out? You'll say "Oh Lord! NO! Don't reveal the pact I made with my victims! Nobody else is suppose to know! Just between you and me please!". You'll be weeping and pleading with King Jesus. It will fall on HIS DEAF EARS. King Jesus may well say "This is the judgement of your works. It MUST BE SHOWN TO EVERYONE FOR ALL TO SEE!".

You will NOT have ANY POWER to stop it. You know how you will feel? Every inch of you will wish you were arrested, tried, and given an earthly judgement for your victims. The victims themselves would be vindicated and proven not guilty for the crimes they suffered of in the earthly court.

But, that chance will have gone past once you and your victims stand before the Judgement Seat of Jesus Christ and you will all share the same fate.

How many more victims are there in a church where they're a sexual abuse or spiritual abuse by a pastor? The numbers are untold of. The cost of compensation to every victim of a pastor's abuse is more than what can be given to them to ease their suffering.

Pastors, you have been called by God to the greatest and toughest job in your life. When you accepted Jesus Christ by faith, you trusted God to lead you. When you were called to be a pastor, it was an honor for you to preach for God. Such a position is of a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY and POWER. If you ignore your responsibility before God and chase after the LUST of POWER and the LUST OF FLESH, God will have NO CHOICE but to destroy you.

How will you be destroyed? That is up to God himself. It could be a simple destruction or GREAT and EMBARRASSING destruction of your life.

If you are afraid of God before arriving at the judgement seat, I suggest you repent right now and rededicate your life to Jesus Christ. You may need to take some time away from the position of pastor to attend to many of the problems with-in your family as well.

When a pastor falls in this life, his words are never taken seriously ever again by anyone.

Pastors, please change your life before it's too late. As it is the last days, people are looking to you for answers. This is an important time for everyone. If you take advantage of these people in your church, you will pay for your misdeeds very badly. The fall from grace is not the only thing everyone suffers of. It's the judgement of God too.

till next post, I'll clue you in and pray for these pastors.

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