Friday, April 15, 2011

PROVE US you are BORN here! Illegal immigrants NOT welcome in GA

G'day Everyone. I love today's news. Finally, ONE state decided to make good on the U.S. Constitutional law and made a MANDATORY state law. Arizona is once more in the news: What it says is that Arizona requires that any one who wants to be involved in Politics, especially if you want to be NOMINATED to become PRESIDENT OF THE USA, you got to prove you were born and RAISED here in the U.S. A.! This became the most heated debate in our nation since President Obama looked like he was NOT raised here in the USA. The new law is now on the Arizona books. I'm hope that more states will follow and secure our country against future wanna be, but false US citizen presidents. If President Obama is ever found out to be an illegal immigrant and sitting in our nation's highest office, it could dramatically alter the political landscape of our nation. Pray, my friends, that President Obama had better be a TRUE president. 2012 will be a political battle for him to defend himself. Good job, Arizona! Meanwhile, In Georgia, they finally passed an immigration law which force illegal immigrants to prove they're legally here in the USA. It's the same type of law that Arizona uses, which is currently being battled out in the Federal Court. Which means soon or later, Georgia will have to fight their law in Federal court as well. Good job, Georgia! For the illegal immigrants, move on or GO HOME! By the way, for most of you TAX procrastinators, Today is APRIL 15! Translation: It's TAX DAY! Which means, quit reading the web, the blogs, Video logs (including seek Geo), and GO WORK ON YOUR TAXES! Today, you have until MIDNIGHT to get to your local post office and have that wonderful APRIL 15th postmark stamp on your envelope! After that date, The IRS will be HUNGRY ENOUGH to go after you with interests and penalties unless you file for an extension of time. Most people will head to the professional tax helpers like H and R Block for help to do the proper filing. Get your files done, my friends! The tax man is not to be fooled with! So until next post, please have a wonderful weekend (watch out for the storms) and I'll clue you in later!


Jim said...

Uh, you are wrong about taxes due on April 15th. It isn't due until April 18th at Midnight.

See the following link:

Gary A. Fitts said...

April 18th is the IRS deadline-
Deaf Anthology

Sherlock Steve said...

Thank you both.. you got me on it! :-) Now.. a reminder.. TO THOSE THAT PLAYED AROUND THIS WEEKEND, YOU GOT TILL MONDAY NIGHT, MIDNITE APRIL 18, 2011! DO NOT BE LATE or at 12:01am April 19th, the penalities will KICK IN! Have fun.