Sunday, April 17, 2011


G'day Everyone... Read this! I DARE YOU! Link: I nearly fell of my chair today when I was made aware of this news article (thank you, Nicky B. Credit goes to you! SALUTE!). Can you believe it? Imagine this, telling sex education early as possible and then giving out condoms to kids who are 9-10-and 11 years old. It's shocking. But the proof is, kids are starting to have sex earlier than before. Yes, pregnancy is rising, and young kids are getting STDs and HIV/AIDS early as well. So where does the fault lay with? Parents. With out religious education background, they're letting their kids morally free. Parents needs to have a sit down talk with kids. Good sit down discussion with out judgement. Mix it in with some religious instruction. For some parents it may be too late, but if they can guide their kids well, they will make good decisions in the long run. Schools can't replace the parents to train their kids on how to grow up and act sexually responsible. It takes both Parents and Schools to work together to have sexually healthy kids. So parents, please.. talk to your kids about safe and healthy sex. Tell them to take good care of themselves. There's no cure for ALL STDs yet. No cure for AIDS/HIV yet either. A good discussion leads better lives.

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Jim said...

I tend to disagree that it is not
always the parents fault for kids
who have sex. How about peer
pressure or when boys and girls
are curious about sex. Suppose
they both agree to have sex as
a learning experiences? I also
feel that there is society pressure
for kids at young age to have
sex. How? Kids walk on the beach
and see others acts in sexual
way. So much for too many
influence could cause kids to
have sex. But I think it is wise
that sex education can be taught
in elementery school because they
need to taught some basic
behavior about it. That is just
my opinion. But who is responsible
for raising the child: Parents,
Family, School and perhaps the
society where good people help
one another raising the child
such as good neighbors.