Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm going to quit blogging!

G'day Everyone! If you are coming from and you are reading this post right now, boy do I have you fished right into my net! *GOTCHA!*
NO, I'm not going to quit blogging!!

but had to say this:


So, I am sorry to tease you. But it's kind of a double whammy day for every one. April Fools day falls right down on the First Friday of April and right on the start of a weekend. Maybe it is a good day to prank a bit and kick off the weekend.

But to say this seriously: Be careful how you tease on any social network site and in your employment place. Some times things do get taken seriously.

The last place where I worked long ago was a very toxic high stress job place. Co-workers tease greatly in the effort to blow off stress and steam on a daily basis. Even though I'm a master prankster, I know enough NOT to tease anyone around work and keep up a professional behavior.

2007 really wasn't a good year for me to be teased at all (something I'd love to drink to forget!).

But if you are going to tease someone, do it OFF the work place. Make it a clean tease. Be friendly, be cheerful, and tell the joke on time before it gets too long, too old, too serious, and beyond your control.

Jokes have a bad effect of a boomer rang.

For example: Some said on FB (Face Book) that some one has a kid from a girl after 2 years. Another said to a gay friend of his this: YOU GAVE ME AIDS!

Both jokes are TOO SERIOUS and dangerous. Lawyers can get involved and things can really take a bad turn from there. Even on the social media sites.

So, I'm leaning more on this first Friday to celebrate the weekend more than teasing around.

I hope you will have a good weekend too.

and if you teased your co-workers and boss today.. I hope you did it right. If not, better not come to work on Monday with a hang over. Come to work prepared to clean out your desk. (Hope not!).

Have a Happy First Friday and a Happy weekend!

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