Saturday, April 2, 2011

Condemn the Florida Pastor!

Today's post is an opinion of judgement

G'day Everyone.

Ye Gods.

That Florida pastor was pleaded, begged, and told that if he didn't burn the Quran, things would remain peaceful and everyone gets along in this world. Unfortunately, according to the news reports going on out there, The Florida pastor, the rev. dr.Terry Jones held a "trial" and despite the defense that defended the Koran (Quran), it was immediately destroyed. The reaction has been swift across the globe. People are dying as thousands of Muslims attack the U.N. Stations. U.S. Military is already on high alert. Dove Ministries is already under high police protection as threats spread across the globe against it. Christians are already under many death threats that are related to this "ministry".


Because of what Dr. Terry Jones has done in the results of the loss of human life, suffering, destruction of property, and carnage that happens across the globe, I ask that many people to condemn Mr. Terry Jones for his disrespect upon the rights of others and the rights of their religious views. It's too late for he and cronies to apologize for their actions. Should GOD and King Jesus decide to level the entire Dove World ministries, then I would pray for it! Every people that live in that area near the Dove World Ministries should move away as soon as possible. Burning the Quran puts Dove World Ministries on the same level as the WestBoro Baptist Church. How awful are these people! May God JUDGE and DESTROY THEM!

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Jim said...

I condemn burning the Quran Bible
just like burning any Bible. Burning the Quran Bible does not
improve or change anything for
the better. The Muslim people
are also God's people just like
everyone else no matter what. Shame
on the Florida Pastor for his
action. What he did isn't God's
Love for others. I hope everyone
near his church moves away before
any bad things happen at the