Sunday, March 27, 2011


G'day Everyone. How many of you smoke out there? I mean those cigarettes and cigars? NO.. don't answer me. It was just a question. But you know what? Long ago, there was a true man in Texas that built a hotel that was the first of it's kind. NO SMOKERS INN. Here's the story this week: Me, I'm proud of this man. Ahead of his time, yes. He wasn't crazy as many people think he was. But you know, there are cases now that cigarettes and cigars do kill people. It's killed my father despite he stopped years before. Today, there are hotels and motels that are starting to go completely non-smoking. Work places, NON-smoking. Restaurants and fast foods, non smoking. Many other various places are also becoming non-smoking. Yes, smokers fume because they have to do it outside. HECK outside is getting more limited now. Beaches, Parks, and some playgrounds for kids..NON-SMOKING. IF you violate it, (depending on the city) there's a fine, smoking cessation class and other requirements that you have to do to get rid of the ticket for smoking in a non-smoking zone. I do pity smokers who want to complain that their rights are being limited and shafted daily. Tobacco ads are less on TV, magazines, and newspapers. Prices for cigs and cigars are very expensive now. Kids are resisting peer pressure as the best they can. The facts are clear. Smoking isn't safe. Not even 2nd hand smoke either. Smoking kills. If you drop your pack on the ground, pick it up fast because I'll crush it to bits fast as I can. Don't bother blowing smoke in my face. I got two strong fists ready to swing. Don't ask me to buy you any. I'll scream POOR SMOKER so loud, I'll embarrass you. Smoking kills. I've seen my dad and friends die of smoking. And if you are smoking right now, consider yourself with one foot in the grave. The other foot will follow if you get ANY type of cancer. Smoking kills. Don't smoke.

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