Monday, April 11, 2011

Can an Athiest DEFY God and make their own bible?

G'day Everyone. For me, I love, respect, and worship God. I do believe in the Trinity: God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. These 3 are in one person. There is one book that was given to man passed down from God through the centuries. The King James Bible that came from the Jewish writers. Those are heavy words. Yet, mankind has written bibles to write to their own subscription of their "faith". But now comes one man who doesn't believe in God, Heaven, or hell. and he's written a book of his own: So my question stands: Can an Atheist DEFY God and make their own bible? As if they could get away with it after death? The answer is.. I DO NOT THINK SO! ALL OF MANKIND will stand before God at the Judgement seat. Even the unbelievers as well. The atheist has said it always: "there is no God, only man". I say: " There is God beyond this world. Our Savior beyond this earth. And Life beyond death in Heaven". Believe in God in Faith and Jesus his son as savior. Judgement is coming. It will happen. COUNT ON IT!

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