Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Money down the drain.

G'day Everyone. Last week, President Obama announced his re-election. At the same time, USA watched in horror of a possible SHUTDOWN of our Government to happen last Friday. However, at the very near ZERO hour, a "DEAL" was announced. It was supposed to be debated and voted on this week to FINALIZE it. Then we learn this: and Which in sense we have to be concerned of our nation. Just then, President Obama was talking about 2012 budget already!! He's thinking 2011 budget is a done deal. BUT NO, IT'S NOT! Congress hasn't even voted on the deal that was done from last Friday. In fact, congress has done nothing yet! Could we still have a SHUT DOWN? YES, WE COULD. Maybe one thing we should be watching on a daily basis of our nation's economic health: Look at that USA DEBT CLOCK daily, my readers. It will tell you how our nation's financial health is. Truth is, we are in BAD shape and getting worse. If I were a financial doctor, I would say we are on borrowed time as our nation is in critical condition and close to dying. Possible? Yes. Only the next few days will tell us if we will survive or fall. Pray for our nation's leaders, my readers. They really need God's wisdom more than ever.

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