Monday, April 11, 2011

the Budget Battle of 2011- a prelude to 2012

G'day everyone. I was away for a few days from the blog and of course, watched the mess of our Government pull back from the BRINK of ShutDOWN city. But, get this.. IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY! The question is, how well will congress fix our nation's finances in order to bring a strong economic recovery back to our nation? That question is still out there. They still have to get everything done on 2011, but when 2012 budget hits this coming October 2011, that's going to be the real political fight. Not only for the votes but for posturing of POWER brokers. As our nation fights about the budget battles, the whole presidential debate will soon heat up as well. How will the elections of this year and next year happen? Tell you the truth: it will not be a very pretty vote. Unless you got the bucks to out do your rival, you could lose it all. One thing that our president should do is address the rising gas prices. We're coming closer to the $4.11 price of gas at the pump. But some say it has already hit there. How high will it go this year? I would say it will be enough to destroy confidence in owning a car and going back to public transportation. As the next 18 months roll on down to November 2012 election day, we should be prepared for anything to happen. Be watchful. This will be a messy 18 months. Till next post, I'll clue you in later!

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