Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Florida Pastor wants to put Mohommad on trial!

G'day Everyone! There has been news reports going around that the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida has been said that after the successful judgement on the Koran (Quran), he intends to put Prophet Mohammad (which is the central person in all Muslim faith) on trial NEXT! The Muslim community is already in an uproar about this decision by this pastor. If he goes through with this "trial", I would say that neither his family, nor his ministry, nor his congregation will ever be safe in their lives. But with the poll going on.. it was suggested that I add a new question.. "Should this Florida pastor be deported to Afghanistan to face the Muslim leaders there for his trial?". To be honest, that was and should have been added. But you know, the USA won't deport their own citizens just to pacify the Muslim countries. But the facts are clear: That Florida pastor will have to live the remainder of his days in consistent careful state after what he's done. But you know, the facts are in. This pastor in Florida is already clearly GUILTY! Know why? Jesus said this: "He that is without sin can cast the first stone". (OK.. I'm guilty too because I just threw the "stone" already). But you know, when the world is already going through so many problems, we don't need someone like Pastor Terry Jones to come along and rip apart someone else's faith. (It's already been done on me and I don't want it happening on someone else either! The results of that happening is NOT pretty. Especially when God is involved in our lives!). If there was one thing our Government should do and it should be this: Pick up Pastor Terry Jones and his congregation of Doveworld Ministries and send them on a ONE WAY TRIP to Afghanistan!! Let Pastor Jones see if he can convince all the Muslim nations of his belief and convert them. But you know, I have a feeling that within a half hour of touch down in Afghanistan, he and his band of believers will NOT make it out alive at all. So please, vote. Vote to condemn Pastor Terry Jones. The time of just judgement must come upon Rev. Jones so that he can see what he's doing to himself and others.

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