Wednesday, March 23, 2011

would you build your own doomsday bunker?

G'day Everyone.

Let's see.. we had 9/11. We had several quakes, tsunamis, forest fires, nuclear disasters. And the $64,000 question is.. can we survive of these?

Given the level of disasters lately, people are really fearful of the future.

Look at this:

The bigger question is.. would it work? Technically, I don't think so.

My dad said that when the Cuban missile crisis hit, cities had drills and people built fall out shelters to protect themselves. Today those fallout shelters still exists but depends on where it's built.

The world's disaster are getting stronger and powerful more than ever. How is mankind going to survive? The only thing you can do is ride it out.

How about the ultimate protection: Link:

Yes, it's a gospel tract. God can save you from the coming disaster. Yes, thousands died in many countries where natural disaster happened. But the question is: did they go to heaven or hell? Only they know the answer in their hearts. Those that went to heaven will have an opportunity to live eternal life. Those that went to hell will die a 2nd time permanently. Most of all, if you ask Jesus to save you, there is no cost! It's free!

No matter how much protection from natural disaster you can make, you will die one way or another. Just hope to die naturally and peacefully. In disaster, man-made or natural, death can be a painful way to go.

till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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