Thursday, March 24, 2011


G'day Everyone.

Most of the Blog world is starting to get buzzing because of this case going on:


I'm madder than heck. Mad enough to know that this fellow proudly served our country. But you know, I fault his parents for not doing the right thing, making sure he has a birth certificate. Now 100 years later, he's at RISK of being deported just because he wasn't made a U.S. Citizen.

I'm calling on all my readers to alert their State and Congressional Political people and GET THE WORD OUT! I'm not going to let this fellow leave this world without being granted FULL RIGHTS of being a U.S. Citizenship. If our out of control crazed government, that is big on deporting Illegal immigrants lately, decides to deport this fellow before he dies, WE'RE GONNA RAISE HECK, HELL, and HIGH WATER to make sure this fellow, who served our nation proudly, be given a U.S. Citizenship!

HECK, send an email and letters to President Obama! Let's help our AMERICAN VET STAND PROUD FOR HIS COUNTRY!

SEMPER FI! (that this for this post!)

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